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Bhagavanth Kesari Movie Cast Crew:-

Bhagavanth Kesari’s movie is an action drama film. It stars Balakrishna, Kajal Aggarwal, Shree Leela, and Arjun Rampal. Anil Ravipudi is directing this movie Produced By Sahu Garapati and Harish Peddi, under the Shine Screens banner. SS Thaman composed music for Bhagavanth Kesari’s movie. The editing and cinematography of this movie is by Tammiraju and Ram Prasad. Bhagavanth Kesari movie release date is October 19, 2023.

Movie Name Bhagavanth Kesari
Cast Crew Balakrishna, Kajal Aggarwal, Shree Leela
Music S S Thaman
Director Anil Ravipudi
Producers Sahu Gaarapati, Harish Peddi
Lyrics Kasarla Shyam
Editing Tammiraju
Cinematography Ram Prasad
Singers Karimulla, Maneesha Pandranki
Banner Shine Screens
Genre Action
Choreography Shekar VJ
Released Date 19-10-2023

Bhagavanth Kesari Movie OTT Information

The Bhagavanth Kesari movie will be released in theaters on October 19, 2023. This movie was released on 1400 screens worldwide.
Amazon Prime Video owns the OTT platform Digital rights to the movie and Zee5 owns the satellite rights. Balakrishna, Kajal Aggarwal, and Srileela play the lead roles in this movie. The movie will be streaming on the OTT platform for 50 days after its theatrical release.

OTT App Amazon Prime Video, ZEE5
OTT Released Date N/A

Bhagavanth Kesari Movie Budget, Box Office Collections

Bhagavanth Kesari’s movie is being made by the producers for more than 70 crores. In terms of budget, they are shooting for this movie. Balakrishna and Anil Ravipudi’s upcoming movie, so there are high expectations for this movie. This movie is competing with Tiger Nageswara Rao and Leo movies which came as a Dasara gift. In Balakrishna’s career alone, The film collected 36 crores at the box office on the first day this movie has collected more than 100 crores at the box office so far.

Bhagavanth Kesari Budget 70 Crores
Box Office Collection 110 Crores

Bhagavanth Kesari Movie Story Line

Bhagavanth Kesari (Balakrishna) is a prisoner in  Warangal Jail. Srikanth (Sarath Kumar), a new jailer who came there, gets to know him and gets close. Jailer Srikanth gets suspended for helping Bhagavanth Kesari. Before leaving, Bhangvanth Kesari’s name was on the list of prisoners to be released for good behavior. Bhagavanth Kesari is released from prison. After coming out Bhagavanth Kesari goes to jailer Srikanth’s house. On the same day, Srikanth dies in a road accident. Bhagavanth Kesari takes the responsibility of His daughter Vijji (Shree Leela). As per his father’s wishes, Vijji Baby wants to join the Indian Army.

Conversely, businessman Rahul Sanghvi wants to own Project V by threatening the government. He kills the Deputy Chief Minister who comes in the way and searches for the evidence collected by his PA. Rahul Sanghvi’s men try to kill Vijji’s baby due to a reason. Then what did Bhagavanth Kesari do? Why did Bhagavanth Kesari go to Jail? What are the orbits between Rahul Sanghvi and Bhagwant Kesari? You have to watch the movie Bhagwanta Kesari to know whether Vijji Papa has joined the army or not.

When it comes to Bhagavanth Kesari movie, Anil Ravipudi is a successful director who made comedy films in a commercial way. If a film comes from him, we can definitely expect a comedy. On the other hand, Balakrishna wants dialogues and fights to be perfect for movies. But Bhagwantham Kesari was an experiment done by both of them by putting aside their strengths. Anil Ravipudi said he would see Balakrishna new when this movie was announced. Balakrishna is shown in this movie as a new one. But there is nothing new in the story.

A flashback story where the hero leaves his hometown and the villain is the reason behind it, the hero comes back and kills the villain in the climax. Bhagavanth Kesari’s movie is similar but the treatment feels a bit new. The reason for that is Balakrishna and Shree Leela. Neither of them have not been seen in such roles on screen before. Through this movie, the message that women should be counted as a lion is conveyed that they are not in a situation like a kitchen.

The first off seems to be slow, but with the scene before the interval, expectations are increasing on the second off. There will be a lot of surprise elements in the second off. Balakrishna’s action scene on the bus with Anil Ravipudi’s comedic touch is impressive. Also, the speech given by Balakrishna School is informative. The scene where the hero goes to the villain’s house and gives a warning seems cinematic, but this scene is good because Balakrishna is there. In the episodes where John Vijay comes in a helicopter and helps Bhagavanth Kesari, the action scenes done by Shree Leela in the climax are thrilling.

Bhagavanth Kesari Movie Overview

Anil Ravipudi has carved a for himself in the industry. He continues to be a successful director in the Telugu industry. Patas, Raja the Great, F2, and Sarileru Neekevaru movies were successively successful. Anil Ravipudi, who claims to be a fan of Balakrishna, is directing the movie Bhagwantham Kesari, and his fans are excited. For the first time, the movie coming in the combination of these two will create a craze. This movie is produced by Sahu Garapati and Harish Peddi.

The film begins with a scene where a man tells the story of Bhagavanth Kesari to the family of a Mumbai court judge despite being in danger. The director took a lot of time to introduce the main characters. Hero Introduction is introduced with a fight scene and then Jailer Srikanth meets Bhagavanth Kesari. His daughter Vizzi is shown forming a good relationship. But if all this sounds like a stretch and routine, the story takes a bit of an emotional turn after Jailer Srikanth dies. Uyyalo Uyyala song which comes in this sequence gives some relief to the audience. The villains are humans convincingly showing the reason behind Vizzi baby. From there the story picks up fast.

Balakrishna in the role of Bhagvanth Kesari, Balakrishna appeared in this movie like never seen before. Speaking in Telangana slang, he was impressed with his performance. In this movie, after Balakrishna, Shree Leela’s role has matured. She acted in the role of Vizzi. We will see the new Shree Leela on screen. Emotional scenes and action scenes are amazing. Kajal Aggarwal’s role is not prominent. It seems that the heroine was supposed to be the heroine in the film. Arjun Rampal’s villainy is not all good. Sarath Kumar, Jaya Chitra, Raghu Babu, and Muralidar Goud acted to the extent of their roles. The background music for this movie by SS Thaman is good. He brought life to some scenes with the brilliant BGM. It would have been better if more care had been taken in the matter of songs. The cinematography by C Ram Prasad is very good. The production values ​​are very good as per the movie

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