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Rules Ranjann OTT App Release Date



Rules Ranjann Movie Cast Crew:-

Rules Ranjan Movie is an Indian Telugu language romantic action film, written and directed by Ratnam Krishna, and produced by Divyang Lavania and Murali Krishna Vemuri under the Star Light Entertainment banner. The film stars Kiran Abbavaram, and Neha Shetty in lead roles and Ajay, Hyper Aadi, Vennela Kishore, and Viva Harsha in supporting roles. The film has music by Amrish, art direction by Sudheer Macharla, and cinematography by M S Dulip Kumar. The film was released in theaters on October 6, 2023.

Movie Name Rules Ranjann
Cast Crew Kiran Abbavaram, Neha Shetty
Music Amrish
Director Rathnam Krishna
Producers Divyang Lavania, Murali Krishna Vemuri
Art Direction Sudheer Macharla
Cinematography M S Dulip Kumar
Banner Star Light Entertainment
Language Telugu
Release Date 06-10-2023

Rules Ranjann Movie OTT Information

Kiran Abbavaram has a separate fan following in the Telugu industry. His movies have a huge craze among the audience. But the story films did not perform well at the box office. Now Malli will be seen in the theaters with the movie Rules Ranjan. The OTT rights of Rules Ranjan will be acquired by Amazon, the leading OTT platform. The film is rumored to go on air on the OTT platform in the first week of November.

Rules Ranjann OTT App Amazon
OTT Release Date Soon

Rules Ranjann Movie Budget, Box Office Collection

The makers have informed that the budget of the movie Rules Ranjan starring Kiran Abbavaram and Neha Shetty is 10 crores. It is the lowest budget in Telugu movies. The producers are confident that this movie will be a huge success. Let’s see what kind of collections are going to come at the box office after the release in theaters. If Misrama gets a response, this movie will suffer losses.

Rules Ranjann Budget 10 Crores
Box Office Collection N/A

Rules Ranjann Movie Storyline

A young man named Mano Ranjan is an employee of a software company in Mumbai. According to Mano Ranjan, even though he follows some rules that are not laid down, everyone in the office calls him Rules Ranjan. While this is going on, the heroine Neha Shetty introduces the hero. In the course of that acquaintance turning into love, both have quarrels due to their interests and are separated. The story is about whether the two separated people meet again or not.

This movie story starts in a software company. The movie runs cool. From the beginning, the story is running in a new way. The first off will be new as far as the movie is concerned. The steps taken by the hero in the role of Mano Ranjan are good. After the heroine’s introduction, the love comedy track between the hero and the heroine will be good. Neha Shetty looks very beautiful in this movie compared to other movies. The scene introducing the hero in the role of Rules Ranjanna is perfect. The film goes to the next level with the entry of Vennela Kishore. the starts in the village when it comes to the second off. What happens after the interval is the power. In the second the comedy goes to another level with the entry of Hyper Aadi and Viva Harsha, compared to the first of tho the second has full comedy. The emotion is carried during the comedy scenes between the hero and heroines. In the end, the dialogues about the bride ending in the climax wedding venue are impressive.

It must be said that Kiran Abbavaram played the role of Ranjan in this movie. Rules Ranjan’s role in the movie is comedy but he acted super in the emotional scene. Neha Shetty’s role as the heroine is also good. Mainly Neha Shetty’s role in the movie revolves around the whole movie. The heroine is the main character in the movie, so she looks attractive with beauty. Other actors like Vennala Kishore, Hyper Adi, and Viva Harsha also performed their roles completely convincingly.

Rules Ranjann Movie Overview

Kiran Abbavaram made his debut as a hero with the movie Rajavaru Rani Varu and achieved good success with SR Kalyana Mandapam. After that came in front of the audience to make a hit with the movie Rules Ranjan. Neha Shetty acted as the heroine in this movie. The hype of the movie increased with the song Sammohanuda. This movie is a romantic love comedy entertainment directed by Ratnam Krishna who was also impressed with his old work. In the first off, he impressed with the love comedy track scenes in Mumbai. The second off-village seasons are also good to watch. Amrish’s music is very good. The Sammohanuda song of this movie is getting a good response. The camera work of Dilip Kumar SS is very good, Kiran Abbavaram market has ensured that the production values ​​are not reduced anywhere. Moreover, the movie is very good.

After Vinaro Bhagyamu Vishnu Katha, Sammatame, and Meter movies, Kiran Abbavaram is acting in the movie Rules Ranjan, which has increased the craze among fans. Rules Ranjan movie directed by Ratnam Krishna. This movie is a romantic entertainment. Amrish’s songs are good. Neha Shetty acted well as the heroine. The release of this movie was a great success.

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Premalu OTT App Release Date



Premalu Movie Cast Crew Information:-

Premalu is a Malayalam romantic-comedy drama directed by Gireesh A D, featuring Naslen and Mamitha Baiju in the lead roles. The music was composed by Vishnu Vijay, while Ajmal Sabu and Akash Joseph Varghese handled the cinematography and editing of the film. It was jointly produced by Dileesh Pothan, Fahadh Faasil, and Syam Pushkaran under the banner of Bhavana Studios.

Movie Name Premalu
Cast Crew Naslen, Mamitha Baiju
Music Vishnu Vijay
Director Gireesh A D
Producers Dileesh Pothan, Fahadh Faasil, Syam Pushkaran
Cinematography Ajmal Sabu
Editor Akash Joseph Varghese
Banner Bhavana Studios
Language Malayalam
Released Date 09-02-2024

Premalu Movie OTT Information

Premalu, a youthful crazy love story, has created a record of 100 crore collections in Malayalam alone. This movie continues to be popular in Malayalam even after the first days of its release in theatres. Disney Plus Hotstar has acquired the digital rights of Premalu Movie. From March 29, 2024, this youthful love story movie is reported to be streaming on OTT.

Premalu Movie Streaming in Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, and Hindi along with Malayalam. First, Disney Plus Hot Star has planned to release this movie on OTT in the first week of March. The Premalu Telugu version was released on March 15. Hence the OTT release seems to be delayed. Those who missed watching this movie in theaters can watch it from their homes as soon as it is streamed on OTT. It has to be seen what kind of records this movie will create in OTT which has created a sensation in theatres

Premalu Movie OTT Disney Plus Hotstar
Premalu OTT Release Date 02-09-2024

Premalu Movie Budget, Box Office Collection

Needless to say, the movies produced by A Little Comedy and A Little Love Story are getting overwhelming responses from the audience. Now the sensational hit movie is Premalu. The Malayalam film, produced on a budget of 3 crores, has created a record by collecting more than 100 crores at the box office. This movie has been dubbed in Telugu. Rajamouli’s son Karthikeya bought the dubbing rights of the film for 1.20 crores. Like in Malayalam, this movie has good collections in Telugu. This movie will create a new record of grossing 3 crores in Telugu at the box office.

Premalu Movie Budget 3 crores
Premalu Box Office Collection 100 crores
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Geethanjali Malli Vachindhi OTT App Release Date



Geethanjali Malli Vachindhi Movie Cast Crew Information:-

Geethanjali Malli Vachindhi is a Telugu horror comedy movie written by Kona Venkat and Bhanu Bhogavarapu and it is directed by Shiva Turlapati. The film is produced by MVV Satyanarayana & GV under MVV Cinema and Kona Film Corporation banners. Anjali, Srinivasa Reddy, Shakalaka Shankar, Satyam Rajesh, and Sunil play lead roles in this movie. Praveen Lakkaraju composed the music for this movie, Chota K Prasa did the editing and Sujatha Siddhartha did the cinematography. The movie is all set to hit the theaters on March 22, 2024.

Album Name Geethanjali Malli Vachindhi
Cast Crew Anjali, Sunil, Satyam Rajesh, Srinivasa Reddy
Music Praveen Lakkaraju
Director Shiva Turlapati
Producers MVV Satyanaryana
Editor Chota K Prasad
Cinematography Sujatha Siddhartha
Banner GV under MVV Cinema and Kona Film Corporation
Language Telugu
Released Date 22-03-2024

Geethanjali Malli Vachindhi Movie OTT Information

It is learned that the OTT rights of the movie Geethanjali Malli Vachindhi have been acquired by Disney plus Hotstar. The makers said that the OTT details will be announced after the theatrical run of the movie. The OTT rights of the film are reported to have traded up to 12 crores. The movie is likely to be streamed on the OTT platform after 35 days of its theatrical release. To know the complete details related to the OTT of this movie, we have to wait till the release of the movie.

Geethanjali Malli Vachindhi Movie OTT Disney Plus Hotastar
OTT App Release Date To Be Announced

Geethanjali Malli Vachindhi Movie Budget, Box Office Collection

Geethanjali Malli Vachindi is a sequel to the blockbuster movie Geethanjali. This movie is being produced by MVV Satyanarayana & GV under MVV Cinema and Kona Film Corporation banners with a whopping budget of 18 crores. The recently released teaser of this movie, Songs has created a craze among the audience. This film will be the 50th film in Anjali’s career. After the release of this movie in theatres, it has to be seen what kind of collections will come at the box office. To know the box office collections of this movie, we have to wait till the release.

Geethanjali Malli Vachindhi Budget 18 Crores
Box Office Collection To Be Announced
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Manamey OTT App Release Date



Manamey Movie Cast Crew Information:-

Manamey is a drama family movie directed by Sriram Aditya. The film is produced by Dasari TG Vishwa Prasad. Under the People Media Factory banner. Sharwanand and Kriti Shetty play the lead roles in this movie The Film music was composed by Hesham Abdul Wahab while the cinematography was done by Vishnu Sharma and was edited by Prawin Pudi. More details on the film are expected to be released by the makers in the coming times. A release date for Manamey is yet to be announced.

Movie Name Manamey
Cast Crew Sharwanand, Krithi Shetty
Music Hesham Abdul Wahab
Director Sriram Aditya
Editor Prawin Pudi
Cinematography Vishnu
Producers Dasari TG Vishwa Prasad
Banner People Media Factory
Language Telugu
Released Date To Be Announced

Manamey Movie OTT Information

The makers are yet to announce the digital OTT rights of Sharwanand’s new movie Maname. It is said that the OTT details related to this movie will be revealed after the theatrical run. OTT companies like Sonylive, Disney Plus Hotstar, Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, and Zee5 are ready to buy the OTT digital rights of this movie. After the release of the movie in theatres, the release date related to OTT will be released through post-promos. Even if this movie is released in theatres, it is likely to be streamed on OTT within 35 days

Manamey Movie OTT SonyLive, Amazon Prime Video, Disney Plus Hotstar, Netflix, Zee5
Manamey OTT Release Date To Be Announced

Manamey Movie Budget and Box Office Collection

Sharvanand was last seen in the Tamil-Telugu bilingual film Kannam/Oke Oka  Jeevitham. After this movie, Sharwanand will be acting in Maname directed by Sriram Aditya. This movie is being produced by TG Vishwa Prasad under the People’s Media banner with a huge budget of Rs 35 crores. Sharwanand is waiting to get a hit with this movie as most of his previous movies turned out to be disasters. To know about the box office collections of this movie, we have to wait till the release of the movie.

Manamey Movie Budget 35 Crores
Manamey Box Office Collection To Be Announced
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