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Salaar Box Office Collections



Salaar box office collections

Prabhas, Prithviraj Sukumaran and Shruti Hassan starrer Telugu movie Salaar: Part 1 – Ceasefire Box Office Collection Day 2 worldwide is seeing the usual decline in South and improvement in North on Saturday.


15.5 Crore nett in Hindi Trade Figure

49 Crore nett or 60 Crore gross estimate all languages

80 to 85 Crore gross worldwide estimate


31 Crore nett estimate in Hindi Trade Figure

134 Crore nett or 162 Crore gross all languages

235 to 240 Crore gross worldwide estimate


$6.5 Million or Rs 54 Crore gross


178.7 Crore gross worldwide Producers Figure

156 Crore gross worldwide


Day 1:

15.5 Crore nett in Hindi Trade Figure

18.9 Crore nett Hindi Producer figure

102 Crore gross Pan India or 85 Crore nett

Andhra Pradesh/ Telangana: 60 Crore gross

Karnataka: 11 Crore gross

Tamil Nadu: 5 Crore gross

Kerala: 4.65 Crore gross

Rest of India Hindi : 22 Crore gross


  1. Baahubali 2:  112 Crore nett (Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Hindi, Malayalam & Kannada)
  2. RRR: 110 Crore nett (Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Hindi, Malayalam & Kannada)
  3. KGF 2: 108  Crore nett (Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Hindi, Malayalam & Kannada)
  4. Salaar (Hindi,Telugu, Tamil , Malayalam, Kananda) : 85 Crore nett
  5. Adipurush (Hindi,Telugu, Tamil , Malayalam, Kananda) : 73.5 Crore nett
  6. Jawaan (Hindi,Telugu, Tamil , Malayalam, Kananda): 72.5 Crore nett
  7. Saaho (Hindi,Telugu, Tamil , Malayalam, Kananda): 72 Crore nett
  8. Leo (Hindi,Telugu, Tamil , Malayalam, Kananda): 65 Crore nett
  9. Animal (Hindi,Telugu, Tamil , Malayalam, Kananda): 63.8 Crore nett
  10. Pathaan (Tamil, Telugu &  Hindi): 57 Crore nett
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Top 10 Fantasy Movies of 2023



As the year comes to a close let’s review some of the top fantasy films that were released in 2023. While fantasy movies this year have been at best average there have been a few truly fantastic movies that have captured the hearts of viewers everywhere these are the top 10 fantasy movies of 2023 filled with newly created magical and Fantastical worlds speaking creatures creative narratives and boundless imagination now let’s start the list for top 10 fantasy movies 2023.

10. Shazam Fury of the Gods

Shazam Fury of the Gods is a 2023 superhero fantasy film based on the DC character Shazam it is the followup to Shazam 2019 continuing the tale of young Billy Batson who becomes a grown-up superhero. Shazam by uttering the enchanted phrase the story starts in the wake of the previous movies inclusion where Billy Batson and the other Foster youngsters are still figuring out how to balance their teenage.

Lifestyles with their newly discovered superhuman abilities and mature superhero identities their apparently tranquil, Lifestyles suddenly came to an abrupt Hal when a group of ancient goddesses seeking Vengeance came to Earth to recover the power that was taken from them centuries ago from this point on the plot intensifies.

As Billy and his friends must fight ancient gods for control of their extraordinary abilities their personal lives and the future of the entire planet. Although this movie was equally as funny as the previous one it fell short of the mark the plot is messy disorienting and overloaded, but the dragon combat sequence and over all action keep you entertained while it might not have the same emotional impact as the previous film this one nevertheless has plenty of wild humorous moments and upbeat performances which make it a fun watch.

09. Portable Door

Portable door it is a 2023 fantasy Adventure comedy film directed by Jeffrey Walker the main characters of the tale are Paul Carpenter and Sophie pendel another intern who are hired by an enigmatic London Corporation where everything is not quite the way it looks their journey in their new new job leads them to the door entrances to alternate Realms and draws them into the hidden strategies of insane CEO Humphrey Wells who wants to destroy the universe of magic for business benefit by introducing cuttingedge business tactics to old mystical procedures while Paul and Sophie seek out the company’s true motives there is nothing unique or groundbreaking about the film instead its charm lies in its superb Ensemble and sensibly illuminated sophisticated sets while the main plot is equally full of mysteries and absurd twists the story itself occasionally seems a little caught up in its own excitement where certain comedic Parts work and some do not however this is a fun skillfully made Family fantasy that will be enjoyable to a family audience while high and Dark Fantasy fans may not be impressed.

08. Chupa

Chupa it is a 2023 fantasy Adventure film directed by Jonas guran The Narrative centers on a little child who while visiting Mexico makes friends with an unusual mythical animal known as the chupacabra and sets out on a journey to return turn it to its home the story centers on the youngster and his cousins as they flee from the wicked researchers and try to reconnect Chupa with his family the Quest for reuniting the creature with its group is sweet and the story has a lot of emotion with youngsters and the monster sharing a beautiful Bond although the basic plot of the movie is overly straightforward and predictable the screenplay is full of fantasy and Adventure which makes for an interesting viewing experience even with its shortcomings Chupa is an adorable film that audiences will love but it doesn’t always provide thrilling experiences a deeper exploration of chupacabra folklore and a stronger sense of Storytelling would have turned this decent story into an absolute Blockbuster but it’s still worth seeing once for entertainment value.

07. Teen Wolf

Teen Wolf the movie it is a 2023 Supernatural fantasy action film directed by Russell M the movie is set 15 years after the finale of the television show where everyone who was part of Scott’s pack has left Beacon Hills and pursued their respective Journeys The Narrative starts out with Liam who is employed by a dining establishment that also serves as a Detention Facility for the evil spirit the nitsun however all quickly changes when a shadowy individual releases the nitsun and then demands retribution towards Scott and his companions from this point on the narrative is about Scott and his allies who ban together to stop him while the nitsun once again plots to ruin Scott’s Life by creating unimaginable dangers although the film’s foundation isn’t as strong as is that of the series its primary flaw is its attempt to take advantage of one of the show’s prominent antagonists which results in a messy plot that devalues one of the best storylines in the show overall the movie is mainly just for lovers of the show because it has too much backstory and character history however if you’re a newbie and just a fan of werewolf movies you could like it.

06. Haunted Mansion

Haunted Mansion it is a 2023 fantasy horror comedy film directed by Justin Simeon The Narrative centers on Gabby a single mother who learns her recently purchased Mansion is haunted by spirits and calls in the assistance of a local guide an Ault expert a pastor and an expert on History to help rid it of the spirits inspired by the iconic theme park attraction the movie follows a medical professional and her 9-year-old kid as they relocate into an unusually affordable home in New Orleans with the intention of starting fresh however they soon find out that the Mansion is much more than they had anticipated in an act of desperation to free their house of ghostly occupiers they recruit a diverse group of self-proclaimed spiritual Specialists which leads to fun and emotional encounters with the ghosts although the plot is fairly standard there are a few clever terms that give the movie A satisfyingly unsettling feel you’ll be entertained most of the time by the specialist’s attempts at communicating with ghosts as the sequences offer a good sense of humor and emotion overall the film is a fun ride that provides an abundance of enjoyment owing to its daring narrative and The Haunting feel of ghostly New Orleans.

05. Wonka

Wonka it is a 2023 musical fantasy film directed by Paul King the movie is based on the Wonka an outstanding character in one of R doll’s most famous books Charlie and the Chocolate Factory the story follows Wonka and narrates how the most famous Creator Entertainer grew to be the well-known Wily Wonga that we recognize today the plot opens with willly Wonga arriving in Europe to open his chocolate business at galleries Gourmet but when he runs out of funds and faces Challen Alles in starting a store in a city known for its chocolate he finds that the business is controlled by a group of selfish chocolate makers which makes his route more difficult so throughout the film you’ll see what he does to deal with the chocolate Mafia with his new friends and whether or not he can open up shop despite having an excessive number of plots and characters chalam it outstanding performance and the film’s enthusiasm compensate for its flaws though there are a few minor hiccups in an uneven musical portion all in all the plot is a cheerful genuine crowd pleas laser and the cast infuses energy into the story to keep the audience entertained throughout

04. Poor Things

poor things it is a 20123 science fantasy dark comedy film directed by yoro lanmos the story is about Bella Baxter a young woman who is revived by the scientific genius Dr Godwin Baxter Bella is Keen to learn while under Baxter’s supervision but her hunger for the modernity she LAX drives her to flee across countries on a fast-paced journey with the Dapper attorney Duncan wurn following this she is freed from the preconceptions of her day and becomes more determined than ever to speak out for fairness and freedom as she sets off on a journey of personal growth though it falls somewhere in between the Dark Fantasy and science fiction genres its uniqueness deserve attention Emma Stone plays the chaotic inquisitive and sometimes dangerous Bella in a way that is simply great while Mark Ruffalo brilliantly matches her performance the story explores the strangeness of human connections and it’s brilliant in its own right overall poor things is not for everyone but it is one of the year’s most compelling and Innovative fantasy flicks.

03. Aquaman and The lost Kingdom

Aquaman and the lost kingdom it is a 2023 superhero fantasy action film directed by James Juan the main plot revolves around the malicious intentions of Black Manta who is now equipped to unleash a powerful and ancient energy by wielding the legendary black Trident at present with the intention of putting a stop to his dread Aquaman teams up with his brother orm the previous king of Atlantis in an odd Alliance putting aside their disagreements they work together to defend their realm and prevent the world’s catastrophic collapse The Narrative advances as the two brothers hunt for the fabled seventh Realm of the oceans and attempt to stop Black Manta from destroying their loved ones and using the enchanted black Trident to bring down the planet the film’s uneven pacing and poorly executed action scenes fall short of the previous movies quality and the narrative is inconsistent veering between light-hearted moments family drama and Sinister plot turns without striking a satisfying chord for fans of Jason mamamo is Aquaman and for those who are looking for a decent fantasy Adventure film without high expectations the movie can be entertaining enough altogether.

02. Suzeme

Suzume it is a fantasy Adventure film directed by Makoto shinkai the movie centers on suzume a 17-year-old resident of a small kushu village who meets a young guy who is on the move and searching for magical doors.
Suzeme in the meantime follows him to an abandoned structure where she finds a door connecting to a surreal world she turns around and runs straight to her school unaware that her mistake of keeping the entrance unlocked will have extreme consequences not too long after the evil From Another Universe breaks out and terrorizes all of Japan while Suzeme joins SAA and her risky mistake correcting effort searching for and shutting all open portals before the nation is destroyed the plot is an incredible Delight for anyone who likes outstanding animation fantasy as the film is appealing hilarious emotional and innovative with its captivating topic and stunning visuals that never stop captivating the audience it’s a thought-provoking journey that feels really unique it is a must-see animated film of 2023.

01. Dungeons & Dragons: Honour Among Thieves

Dungeons and Dragons honor among Thieves it is a 2023 fantasy Heist action adventure film directed by Jonathan Goldstein and John Francis Daly The Narrative centers on the thief Eden and his criminal associate hulga the Barbarian who escaped from jail meanwhile end seeks to see his young daughter Kira but discovers that she is in possession of Forge Fitz William his former partner and his terrifying associate Safina what happens next is that Eden decides to put together a mly crew of outcasts and sets out to retrieve his daughter by breaking into forge’s magical vault which eventually put them against unanticipated foes where they must overcome treachery and unanticipated obstacles the film features amazing visual effects and a brilliantly funny element that all work together to create an epic adventure full of monsters unusual creatures dragons and other beasts overall I had a lot more fun with the movie than I had expected it’s not Flawless but the Stellar CA tea and endearing writing make it one of the best and most underrated films of 2023 it succeeds in establishing an immense fantasy world that is worth watching and is witty adventurous and engaging that’s it for today thank you for watching this video and do subscribe our channel to see more videos related to movies and series suggestions.

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Simple Mehandi Decorations



Mehndi designs have become very popular in recent times. Their importance has increased greatly in auspicious events, especially in occasions like weddings. Women’s hands look beautiful when they wear mehndi decorations. These are also known as henna tattoos. It goes without saying that their use has increased exponentially in Asian and African countries. These are prepared by finely crushing the henna leaves. These mehndi decorations greatly affect the beauty of women, especially the body parts like hands and feet look very attractive.

Mehndi designs are mainly applied on hands, feet and fingers. Mehndi decorations can also be said to be an art, drawing intricate and artistic designs on a small hand is not an easy task and requires a lot of time.

henna powder causes red and brown lines on the skin. Mehndi decorations are not permanent, are only for one to two weeks. Side effects are also very less compared to other colourful chemicals, safe and easy to use.

Mehendi designs are good even on small children. Henna tattoos on the hands of small children are very beautiful to look at. Since the space on small children in less, it can be said that mehndi decoration is a bit difficult for them. That’s why we have uploaded some simple mehndi decorations for you here. Now you can easily put your favorite things on your child’s hands.

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